General Liability & Employment-Related Insurance

Many corporate partners require a $1M minimum general liability insurance

Employment practice liability insurance might be especially helpful if you have a employees in states that have a high risk of employees suing a business: California, Washington DC, Illinois.


Insurance company:



Experiences, Services and Guiding Companies

Larger providers can cover more things, but they want to work with larger companies with more revenue, and require solid training programs accredited by AMGA, AEE, ATTA, ACA

Tip: if you have pro forma with 3-5 year projections, you are more likely to get an agent with a larger company who can bundle everything, and this will save you money


Insurance Companies used by Founded Outdoors community members:

Everest - covers rock climbing, wilderness medicine, 3rd party for white water rafting



Philadelphia - covers new hiking guiding business

Eventhelper - great for one-off experiences

West Bend - covers yoga, hiking

CBIZ - broker, works with a lot of rafting companies

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