Office Hours

Q&A’s with experts and investors


AMA with Josh Simpson

Outdoor Executive & Serial Entrepreneur



0:02: Intro

1:09: Product Roadmap, expanding from single to multiple products

5:08: Retail partnerships & competitive differentiation

7:54: Product line focus

9:25: D2C vs. retail partnerships

10:30: Packaging and merchandising as differentiator

11:38: Go-to-market, growth strategy, influencers

14:36: Raising capital & value-add investors

16:20: Wholesale strategy, Grassroots Outdoor Alliance, independent versus large retailers

20:18: Product roadmap, product iteration

22:56: Nonprofit sponsorship

25:20: Building initial retail relationships

28:15: Retailer vs. Sales Reps vs. Distributors

30:46: Packaging

36:12: Kickstarter Tools/Partners & Strategy

40:40: Identifying your next product


Domestic Manufacturing Office Hours

with Jen Guarino & Janay Brower, in partnership with Michigan Outdoor Recreation Industry Office & Pure Michigan Business Connect


Investor Office Hour with Kate Delhagen

Founder of Oregon Sports Angels


Investor Office Hour with Jim Chi

Oregon Sports Angels


Investor Office Hour with Payam Abbassian

REI Co-op Path Ahead Ventures


Investor Office Hour with Kofi Ampadu

A16Z, SKU’d Ventures


Investor Office Hour with Max Engel

Angel Investor

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