Apparel Design & Development

A list of apparel design resources


How to go from Idea to Production for Softgoods


The Steps of the Product Development Process for Soft goods

Tech Pack Resources:

Creating a Tech Pack

How to make a soft goods tech pack by Maria Boustead, founder of PoCampo (Founded Outdoors Member)


Other resources:

  • Startup Fashion - We are an online community and business resource helping independent startup fashion designers around the world to take action, make progress, and reach their entrepreneurial goals.
  • AliceJamesGlobal - work with small brands from design through launch (Jasmine has worked with them)
  • Bare Boulder - Outdoor Soft Goods Design and Prototype (not vetted)
  • PriorityDesigns for Soft Goods and Hardware Prototyping (not vetted) product development company (recommended by Todd Mendoza, REI)
  • Fashion Jobbers - Small runs, low quantity, small mins for fabrics (recommended by Jocelyn Rice)


  • ImportGenius - a clever hack to find manufacturers. ImportGenius tracks shipping activity around the world to show you exactly what’s happening in the import-export business.
  • Import Yeti - A way to find trusted suppliers. Search 70 Million U.S. Customs Sea Shipment Records Instantly. You can see where companies import from and who they work with.
  • MyBodyModel - an app that makes custom fashion templates (body outline sketches) with your real body measurements. Get your own printable & digital fashion sketchbook and draw your fashion designs on a body model that looks like you.
  • CONNEXT Utah by UAMMI - a supply chain database tool for the manufacturing industry sector in Utah. Reach out to Founded Outdoors if you would like to be connected to the UAMMI team.

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