Branding strategy

Top resources and tools

Founded Outdoors Community workshop on capturing brand story:


Branding links:

  • Theresa Ptak - Design & Illustration (recommended by Tami Jo)
  • Talus Films - Video & Storytelling Production Company for Outdoor Brands (Co-Founder, Madelaine Anderson is a community member)
  • Biddyco - Performance-focused ad creative & media. Facebook, Insta, Google, TikTok & Snap. (recommended by member)

Storytelling links:


Branding Tools:

  • Canva - also has a media kit which helps with branding & design
  • Adobe Stock - web layouts, presentation layouts, mobile mockups, social media kits, etc
  • Figma
  • UnDraw - Free High Quality Illustrations
  • Behance - brand & design inspo + find designers to work with

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